The Downsides To Ubuntu LTS


I finally wanted to get my blog up and running. And since I don’t want to use Wordpress like everybody else, I set up a nice deployment pipeline1 using hugo and git.

Everything is set up, but…

I managed to have a nice pipeline set up, but something still was amiss:

ERROR: 2017/07/23 22:21:31 general.go:222: Error while rendering section post: template: theme/_default/list.html:7:3: executing "theme/_default/list.html" at <.Content>: Content is not a field of struct type *hugolib.Node


TL;DR: The version of hugo in the Ubuntu 16.04 repositories is 0.16, the latest version (as of today, 2017-07-23) is 0.25. After upgrading hugo, everything worked fine.

  1. I’m going to give a better description of the pipeline in a later post, now I just have to rant a little…